Meet the Vendor: Kettle Chips

Thursday May 12, 2016

Kettle chips tailgate


Thirty plus years ago, we at Kettle Brand pioneered the batch cooking style that's become the gold

standard for natural potato chips by frying real, unpeeled potatoes in small batches for a superior taste and a signature crunch.  Today, we’re still continue to craft bold, unique flavours that people really seem to love. Did we mention we got our start selling our chips out of a van? It doesn't get much realer than that.



We cook our chips using only the finest, clean ingredients, and don’t use trans-fats, artificial colours or flavours. Our approach? Leave out ingredients you can't pronounce. We’re proud to say our   potato chips were the first to be verified by the Non-GMO Project and we are in the midst of gaining certification for each and every one of our flavours. There's nothing fake about our chips, because if it's not a real ingredient, it has no business getting anywhere near our potato chips. 



Not only are we committed to creating the best-tasting chips possible with the cleanest ingredients, but the 30+ flavors in our line-up are inspired by real foods. We have a dedicated team of flavour innovators who are always developing new products based on trends they’re tracking in the culinary world. Our goal is to create bold flavors that taste just like their food inspiration. So when you bite into a Pepperoncini Chip you’ll recognize that tart, briny and slightly spicy flavour that most people experience when they eat real pepperoncinis.



Headquartered in Salem, Oregon (USA), we take inspiration from our surroundings. The nearby culinary hub of Portland keeps us constantly inspired by new culinary trends. And the region’s focus on the outdoors helps keep us true to our sustainable core – like making enough of our own sustainable energy each year to make 250,000+ bags of chips, working toward making our Salem facility zero waste, and sustaining a community garden where employees are welcomed to grow their own produce – irrigated with recycled water from our production line.



We're just a bunch of people who love great-tasting potato chips. And we also happen to love making them for other people who are fanatics for great-tasting potato chips. We batch cook our chips under the watchful eyes of our snack experts, to ensure each one is cooked perfectly. That's how we've done it for more than thirty years. And that's how we'll always do it.