Meet the Vendor: Ewe-Nique Farms

Friday March 18, 2016

Lamb is the quintessential Easter meal item, and one local farm is working to help put it on your table this year.

Ewe-nique Farms is an egg, chicken, and lamb producer in Champion, Alberta that’s been raising lamb since 1989.

Caroline Vande Bruinhorst and her husband Bert chose to raise lamb because, despite how labour intensive they found the work to be, raising small children and sheep together was the perfect combination.

“Sheep aren’t all that intimidating to small children,” Bruinhorst noted, adding that the specific breed of lamb they chose to raise was notable for its motherly instincts.

The farm raises a Suffolk cross breed of sheep, which is born from the motherly white faced ewes, and Suffolk rams. The resulting breed yields a “nice, solid carcass” as Bruinhorst likes to put it.

Ewe-Nique lamb products, in addition to being of high quality and flavourful to boot, are all natural.

“We want to raise all our meat the same way we like to feed our family,” Bruinhorst said. “Health is very important to all of us and so is eating healthy.”

This dedication to the health of their flock and family has even led the couple to grow their own barley rations right on the property, and they take great care in ensuring that their sheep’s grass and hay pastures remain untreated with chemicals or sprays.

The result is a tender and delicious product with a moderate fat content.

“There’s nothing that burns like lamb fat!” Caroline said when asked about her favourite way to cook lamb. “We love all cuts of lamb, whether we’re braising, roasting, BBQing, or grilling!”

You can find Ewe-Nique lamb in the meat section at Community Natural Foods for 15% off from March 23-April 5!