Meet the Vendor: Andalou Naturals

Friday May 27, 2016


Our motto at Andalou Naturals is Beauty is YOU®. We believe that beauty is a choice—it’s how you think, feel and behave. When we approach each moment with our best self, we encourage others to do the same. Beauty happens in the moments of the everyday and the little choices that we make along the way that all add up to monumental change: Commit to defining beauty one action at a time and be Empowered, Radiant and True. Beauty is YOU®.

As an organization, we live the Beauty is YOU® motto. We make choices that are true to who we are and we create meaningful products that champion our beliefs and ultimately, lead the way for others to follow suit.

The conscientious consumer today is looking for brands that recognize the potential to make a difference in the lives of people everywhere. We love sharing that Andalou Naturals was the first beauty brand to become 100% Non-GMO Project Verified. Thanks to our early commitment we have full supplier transparency that brings us directly to the source of our extraordinary ingredients; our butterfly verification seal is proudly displayed on every single product along with the certified organic, fair trade, cruelty-free, gluten free, vegan and vegetarian ingredients that we champion.

Our land generously rewards us with the best food and ingredients imaginable and it is our duty to live in harmony with nature’s greatest gift to us. What’s most alarming about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), and it’s been the topic of much conversation lately, is that GMOs equal pesticides and a dependency on pesticides that’s creating immeasurable harm. With GMO crops, which now account for 90% of our corn, soil is injected with chemical insecticides, seeds are coated with chemical insecticides, and new super weeds are growing with chemical tolerances that require even more chemicals to keep them away--GMOs have created a cycle of pure chemical madness that must end—for everyone’s sake (EPA has an extensive table of health effects of different pesticides.

In order to achieve Non-GMO Project Verified status, our Andalou Naturals team, in cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers, had to rigorously confirm that over 200 source ingredients, as well as the manufacturing process for each ingredient, did not include GMOs of any kind. Since becoming the first beauty brand to be 100% Non-GMO Project Verified, Andalou Naturals has risen to the number one natural face care brand (SPINS Feb 2016) with the largest share of the category growth—and has held that position for almost 2 years.

"The work required to verify an entire product line shows a high level of commitment to transparency and to changing the overall supply chain." We're excited to be working with such dedicated brands as Andalou Naturals," Megan Westgate, Director of the Non-GMO Project.

While the Non-GMO Project Verified process is a rigorous one—involving a huge commitment of time, capital and corporate transparency to segregate, trace, assess risk and continually test major GMO risk ingredients and their derivatives—it is a wholly worthy commitment and one that should be done. Non-GMO Verified products support our farmers, our pollinators and the soil that we all rely on for safe and sustainable agriculture and over 90% of consumers support labeling GMO ingredients.

We take a stand on issues that matter to us, regardless of cost. We always have, and always will. Define beauty one action at a time and feel empowered, radiant and true. Beauty is You®.

By Andalou Naturals