Meet the Vendor: Autumn Sky Wild Rice

Wednesday February 03, 2016

Wild rice

Autumn Sky Wild Rice is a family company that grows their rice on two Lakes in Northern Saskatchewan - Hand Lake and Limestone Lake. Limestone Lake is the major producer of wild rice, being the 2nd rice lease ever seeded in Saskatchewan and has been producing wild rice for 60 years. Autum Sky take great strides to produce their rice in harmony with nature and have spent a great deal of time to modernize their harvesting to make it both environmentally-friendly and more productive.

The wild rice harvest starts around August 25 and goes until the first frost around September 15. Autumn Sky wild rice is grown naturally and does not use of any chemical fertilizers, herbicides/pesticides or any GMO seeds. They takes great care in working with what Mother Nature giave them. 

Autumn Sky have their crop inspected and Certified Organic By Pro Cert Organics, which is a Canadian Certifying body located in Saskatchewan.