Lavish with Lavender!

Wednesday December 16, 2015

Lavender scent

Lavender is the perfect gift for a mother! Its color and scent express the cleanliness of spring and refreshing wisdom of nature. Lavender’s unique qualities have earned it praise from centuries of European soap makers, master herbalists and tea enthusiasts. Useful in many different types of applications, the lavender flower is versatile. It can be inhaled, made into a tea, placed in herbal sachets for closets and dressers, added to bath water or mixed into cream.


Lavender, luxurious and practical, can be applied directly onto the skin, undiluted (unlike other essential oils). Lavender reportedly loses 90% of its effectiveness when used internally so this is the way it is usually administered. A drop rubbed into the skin can soothe headaches, earaches, irritated skin or sinus congestion and can also be used to ease nervousness. As a beautifully scented essential oil, lavender combines well with other oils including Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Juniper and Geranium. When inhaled, lavender is a carmative (has a calming influence). A few drops on a pillow will act as a pleasant sedative for a tired, yet busy mind.


Medicinally speaking, lavender is an anti-inflammatory, a deodorant, a detoxifier and an immune stimulant. The oil can be inhaled for these purposes, but a mild tea can also be made. Chamomile is a wonderful complement to lavender tea, as are rose petals. Add a  drop of honey to lavender tea. What a pleasant start to a sunny spring day!