How To Have Sustained Energy All Day Long

Wednesday January 06, 2016

Family jumping

One of the main reasons customers come into our stores is due to a lack of energy. This is a very common concern in today’s North American culture. In fact, fatigue is the result of stress, poor dietary choices, inefficient sleep and lack of exercise. When trying to get energy levels up, it will take some life changes. Follow the do’s and don’ts below for sustained energy all day long.


Have an energy plan - schedule your day to include some break time; nobody can run full tilt every day, all day.

Eat a variety of fresh, whole, nutrient-dense foods – these foods have life and energy in them opposed to food in a box that never saw a farm.

Ensure regular, sound rest – sleep is key to repair and renewal so you can have energy for your day.

Stay well hydrated – well hydrated and oxygenated cells run efficiently to create energy.

Exercise regularly for more energy – exercise creates more energy and the few pounds you lose will lighten the load for even more.

Supplementation – if you try all of the above and want to move towards supplementation as well, look for natural energy sources such as kola nut, taurine, B6, glycine and tyrosine.



Rely on coffee, sugar and energy drinks to make it through the day.

Don’t expect to be energized if you aren’t giving something back to your body to fill the energy bank.

Nicole Boisvert CHN – holistic nutritionist, life coach, mom