Got Glutened? 3 Tips To Speed The Healing Process

Friday December 18, 2015

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Pretty much anyone that has removed gluten from his or her diet can describe in detail the feeling of “getting glutened.” The symptoms may vary from irritating to severe depending on the sensitivity or allergy, but regardless they can really wreck your day, and even your week.


While there is no one tried and true, evidence based method for overcoming being glutened, there are some tried and true recommendations.

1. Digestive Enzymes: Digestive enzymes help us break down and absorb nutrients. If you are eating out it is recommended to take a few digestive enzymes at the start of your meal as a preventive. If you are beginning to feel the effects of being glutened take 2 digestive enzymes right away. They can still be effective in breaking down some of the proteins. Look for a balanced blend of enzymes. Natural Factors has an enzyme blend that is specific for dairy and gluten allergies. There is also an enzyme dipeptidyl peptidase (DPP-IV) that is recommended specifically for digesting gluten.

2. Anti-histamines: Take quercetin, a bioflavonoid with natural anti-histamine properties. Dr Aviva Romm, MD ( recommends 250mg up to 3 times daily after gluten exposure. She also recommends taking with dried stinging nettles, another natural anti-histamine. It is very effective in alleviating the tired and anxious feeling that can accompany gluten exposure. You can find combinations of these two natural anti-histamines in capsule form or as a tea.

3. Eat lightly and Hydrate: You want to flush your system and ease the detoxification burden on your body so drink plenty of fluids like vegetable broth or juice, healing peppermint, camomile and ginger teas, or a mug of hot water with a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of honey.


If you implement these tips right away and give yourself a good night’s rest you should feel better the next day. If your symptoms linger please check in with your doctor.