Gluten Free at CNF

Wednesday December 16, 2015

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Going gluten free just got simpler! If you are navigating this lifestyle for the first time or have been thriving this way for a while you have come to the right place. At Community Natural Foods we specialize in this sort of thing and know the ins and outs of the gluten free lifestyle. We have so much to offer you and your family:

Personalized customer service

At CNF we have highly trained staff who can help you navigate the over 2300 gluten free items we have in store. Ask at customer service for a personal tour of everything we have to offer. Our staff are knowledgeable of all the products we carry and can answer any questions you may have. No need to book an appointment. We are ready when you are. 

An In Store Gluten Free Labelling System

We have made it easier than ever for you to shop gluten free with us. The product labels on our shelves help you determine which products are gluten free and which products are not. Look for the GF on the yellow labels on the shelves below your favorite products. As a team we work together with our product vendors to ensure the product is indeed gluten free and it says so on the packaging. In addition we audit our store twice a year to help ensure the integrity of the program. One caution however is that ingredient lists can change without notice so please read the packaging before you purchase the product. In addition we also caution you not to purchase seemingly gluten free products from our bulk bins. It is difficult for us to guarantee there has not been cross contamination. You and your family’s health is our top priority!

Gluten Free Essentials Shopping List Available In Store

Whether you are just starting out or have been gluten free for a while there are some essential items you will need in your pantry. Ask an in store associate for the handy card you can carry with you while you shop and keep for your return visits.

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