Eating Healthy In The Winter

Monday December 21, 2015

By Nicole Boisvert - certified holistic nutritionist, life coach, mom.

During winter we need to eat even more nutrient dense foods than any other time of the year. The cold weather creates additional stress on our bodies and taxes our immune systems and can lead to more illness. We simply need extra nourishment. Follow the tips below for a happier, healthier winter.

Eat colorful complex carbs - We crave and need extra carbs in the winter. Foods such as beets, sweet potato, rutabaga, squashes, carrots and cabbage can be incorporated in warming soups and stews to satisfy these cravings. The color equals nutrition so stick to the colorful vegetables.

Simple additions -Try to sneak in as much nutrition as you can into what you are already making. Have lots of add “ins” on hand such as nuts, seeds, dried fruits and fresh vegetables to add into the dishes you are already eating.

Eat more veggies in general -Frozen fruits and veggies tend to be picked at their peak and flash frozen which does affect some of the nutrients. At the same time if you don’t eat local fruits and vegetables they tend to be picked earlier so the nutrients aren’t as developed and more nutrients are lost during transport. The most important thing is to eat vegetables.

Make it fun -Grow your own sprouts/ microgreens, herbs, lettuces at home. Fresh local nutrition is hard to beat. It is a fun activity you can do with the kids often with items you already have at home.

Supplements - Sometimes we just need an added boost. As a nutritionist I encourage people to eat food first before taking supplements however winter is a time you may want to consider taking a whole food vitamin.