Earth Day Every Day

Thursday April 14, 2016

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**updated April 18, 2017

At Community Natural Foods we consider Earth Day every day. We support several initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment and have partnered with businesses like HOP compost and Bullfrog Power to further these efforts.

Due in part to these efforts, CNF is proud to have won the Best Mid-Size Business Award from the REAP (Respect for the Earth and All People) Be Local Awards in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Plastic Bag Free

As Calgary’s first grocer to go single use plastic bag-free Community Natural Foods also uses a private operator to recycle plastics, cardboards, paper, glass, tin and beverage containers. Every Community Natural Foods location has a cellphone and PDA recycle box as well.

Because we do not use plastic bags, CNF and our customers have saved 1.5 million plastic bags every year from the landfill since 2008 and has diverted more than 170 000 pounds of waste from landfills.

To encourage customers to bring their own bags Community started the Change For the Earth Program. It’s a bag credit donation program allowing customers to donate their five cents to any not for profit companies representing people, community and the planet. Community Natural Foods matches the total amount its customers donate.

Some not for profits that have been featured include The Mustard Seed, Canadian Women’s Foundation, Calgary Humane Society, Pawsitive Match Foundation, Organic Alberta, Sandy Cross Conservation Society and so many more.

In addition CNF is single use plastic bottle free and has avoided selling 327,832 single use plastic bottles since 2009. This is equivalent to saving more than 45,000 bottles per year and diverting more than 3 600 pounds of waste from landfills.

Food Waste Diversion

Community Natural Foods donates more than $240 000 worth of food to local community food organizations annually. This would be enough food to feed 22 families for a year or 247 Calgary families for a month.

In addition, Community Natural Foods understands the impacts of food and kitchen waste and composts at all locations. This is why we have partnered with HOP compost to further lessen our impact on the environment.

Through this partnership with HOP Community Natural Foods has composts 17,000 lbs. of waste annually.

As Canada’s first inner-city compost facility HOP is able to provide the highest nutrient organic compost in Canada. It takes 7.6 bags of standard compost to match the amount of nutrients found in one bag of HOP compost.

Usually Calgary’s compost would be trucked for more than an hour outside of the city to the next closest facility. HOP’s urban facility cuts up to 92 per cent of the emissions tied to waste transport.

Its clean tech allows it to eliminate 98 per cent of the water contamination seen in composting and also cuts production time from six months to ten days. It tracks live data and optimizes the compost environment every 60 seconds.

HOP creates a regenerative food cycle with its closed loop, pushing food from farm to table back to farm. This means that each generation of local foods sustains the next without waste.

In doing all of this and more HOP has saved almost two million pounds of waste from the landfill in Calgary and four and a half million pounds of greenhouse gas admissions. Compostable waste takes up 40 per cent of landfill space, which has been estimated, to run out in 20 years. For every pound of food in the landfill there are approximately four pounds of methane emissions, equivalent to 100 pounds of CO2 emissions.

HOP’s composting impact on a more human scale is equivalent to taking 9702 cars off of the road today, conserving enough land for 429 fridges and saving enough water to fill 35, 610 wine bottles.

Together, Community Natural Foods and HOP plan to continue their efforts and work together to save waste from the landfill, support local farmers and reduce the impact that the food industry can have on the environment.

CO2 Offset

Community Natural Foods also uses Bullfrog Power, in 2016CNF used 1 557MWh of green energy which is equivalent to removing 20 786 incandescent light bulbs, adding 804 Acres of forest worth of carbon storage, powering 134 houses on green electricity, saving 267,454 pounds of coal being burned, and 6,385 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.  

In terms of working with Bullfrog and using natural gas this means saving 91,955 liters of gasoline, avoiding 12,416 BBQ propane cylinders to be used, saving hot water heating for 140 households, saving 695 barrels of oil, saving 4,441 20 foot containers worth of Gas and having 7,667 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.


In 2015 Community Natural Foods work with Green Star blue-bins meant that we collected 60,000 pounds of recycling. This is equivalent annually to diverting more than 60,000 pounds of waste from the landfill, saving 276 mature trees every year.

Community will continue to look for ways to lessen our footprint. And we’re grateful to have customers that encourage and participate with us.