Community Naturals Coffee

Thursday April 14, 2016

For our Community Naturals private label coffee, we have partnered with Calgary based, craft coffee roaster, Coffee Concepts. Together we are both dedicated to transparency and have selected coffees that we feel best represent our culture here at Community Natural Foods. Our selection process included looking at the following; the quality of the beans, sustainability, the benefits going back to the farmers and the communities around them.

Our friends at Coffee Concepts visit these producers twice a year and regularly buy from the same farms or groups. They have built long lasting relationshops with the farmers and producers which allows them to maintain consistency in product year to year.

One that we're particularly proud of is the Colombian Santander - Grupo Kachalu. This beautiful producer is a collection of 12 family farms with approximately 1.5 hectares each. Grupo Kachalu started in 1999 to help better promote quality of coffee as well to promote a message of positive envinronmental stewardship.

This group of farms achieved Rainforest Alliance certification in 2005. They were the first of over 500,000 coffee farmers in Columbia to achieve this certification. Grupo Kachalu's passion for the livelihood of their community and the environment is what makes us honored to be working with them.