Community Loves Giving Back to Calgary!

Monday February 06, 2017

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As a Calgary owned & operated small business, Community Natural Foods is committed to giving back to all of our communities.  Since 2013, CNF has donated over $106,000* to local non-profits, charities, and organizations in Calgary and surrounding areas.  While we aren’t always able to help everyone, we try to give back when we can, providing gift certificates, food donations or body care items to those in need.  In 2016 alone, we provided in-kind donations and/or gift certificates to 112 organizations through donations.

In addition to donations, CNF also has provide over $140,000* to many non-profit and charitable organizations through our Change for the Earth bag program since 2012.  If you aren’t familiar with our bag program, it’s simple – shop with your reusable bag and either receive 5 cents off your bill, or donate the 5 cents to one of three organizations that month!  If you donate, you’ll receive a token worth 5 cents that you can then put into one of the three organizations chosen for Change for the Earth.  Organizations are changed out each month and divided into 3 groups – Community (organizations where other people can volunteer and participate), People (organizations dedicated to a particular group of people or illness), and Planet (organizations that focus on environmental or sustainable issues).  In the past we’ve had great organizations participate in the program such as Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society, Inn from the Cold, Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area, Adoptions Option, Wellspring Calgary, and many more.  At the end of each month, the tokens are tallied and CNF matches all donations to each organization. 

With donations and Change for the Earth, we try to keep the organizations are local as possible, so if it isn’t directly in Calgary, it’s at least in Southern Alberta.

If you are part of an organization or non-profit looking for donations, please contact

*as of January 2017