CNF Staff Picks for Immune Health

Wednesday December 07, 2016


If you have ever visited our stores you know are staff are incredibly knowledgeable about health and the products we carry. We decided to do a poll to find out what their favorites are when it comes to illness prevention and immunity. Below are the top favorites of several staff from our varying locations in Calgary. There seems to be some common consensus among products but also some additional hot tips for staying well. Be sure to connect with these people in store to be sure you are getting the product that is right for you!

Tara Luke – Customer Engagement Chinook Market

My favs for this season are Natural Factors Anti-Viral (liquid form) and Purica Immune 7.  I use the Anti-viral temporarily to stop a developing problem in its tracks, but take the mushrooms daily to prevent getting anything in the first place!  If I take the mushrooms along with a no-sugar/no-dairy diet, I do NOT get sick. 

Eli Goldstein – Customer Care - Head Office

Probiotics and fermented foods, including kombucha and kefir, are mine! Oh, ginger and garlic, too. :]

Shelly Hurl-Anderson – Customer Engagement 10th Avenue

Natural Factors Anti-viral tincture is one of my go-to year round, because it has five ingredients that are powerful fighters.  The first one is Echinacea, at an 8:1 ratio. They grow 600 acres of Echinacea in Kelowna and do not harvest until the three most active ingredients are at their upmost in terms of effectiveness.  The other ingredients: Lomatium, Astragalas, Reishi Mushroom, and Licorice. 

I recently had a friend tell me that I am the only person she knows who thinks they're getting a cold one day and the next day I'm fine.  I like to think this is because of this product and the others that I use as soon as I feel like I'm catching a cold.

Zoe Taylor – Customer Engagement – Crowfoot Store Location

Reishi mushroom! Especially the Four Sigma instant hot drink pack. Supportive of immune system, respiratory health, stress management (especially if one tends to be high-strung), and sleep. I believe medicinal mushrooms are also supportive of gut health by acting as a prebiotic.

Researchers seem to constantly find out more information about medicinal mushrooms; and I can't think of a time that I have heard negative things about Reishi. Cheers!

Anne Miles – Customer Engagement - Chinook Store Location

I like Natural Factor's Anti-Viral (maintenance preventative dosing and "acute dosing" for when you are ill), also Host Defense's my Community or Purica's Immune 7. In addition the St. Francis Deep Immune and Immunocare are all great choices.

David Pollard – Customer Engagement – Crowfoot Store Location

Number one on my list is Vitamin D. Flus and colds are more prevalent in people with low Vitamin D. Blood levels of Vitamin D should be between 80 and 300 NgNMol. My number two is the Natural Factors Anti-Viral.


Nicole Boisvert C.H.N.C – Marketing – Head Office Location

My number one pick is the Purica 360 Complete because it contains B Vitamins for stress and medicinal mushrooms for immunity. Stress definitely plays a big role in our immune response so I love the fact they cover off both. In addition making sure to get enough Vitamin D because we live in a northern climate. One more favorite is the EnerC Vitamin Drink Mix. I take them with me when I travel to prevent getting sick before, during and after travel and they taste great too!