How to Have Boundless Energy

Thursday December 17, 2015


I like to think of ‘boundless energy’ as my calling card, and with everything I want to achieve in my life - I rely on it! My routine of a healthy diet, exercise, sleep and spirituality keeps my health balanced, so that energy comes naturally to me -  with a little effort.

Unfortunately, 70% of the population reports that a lack of energy interferes with their daily life. Fatigue is often the result of today’s unprecedented levels of stress, poor dietary choices, inefficient sleep or lack of exercise. If your body, mind and spirit don’t get the right fuel, you lose steam and your energy plummets. When trying to get energy levels up, it may take some life changes.

This begins with nourishment, the foundation of our health. If we aren't eating a variety of fresh, whole, nutrient-dense foods, our bodies aren't supported on the biochemical level. This manifests in a cascade of physiological consequences – including the tendency for healthy habits to decline, and the quality of health following soon after. The nutrition-vitality connection is what motivated me to study the benefits of a diet rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants: I wanted to help people who were suffering from emotional, spiritual and especially dietary malnourishment. More than 20 years later I continue to witness the transformative powers of a nourishing diet for phenomenal health and energy.

But in today’s fast-paced, polluted world, we need to work a little harder to provide our bodies with adequate, clean nutrition to neutralize what we are being assaulted with every day. With this in mind, even when we do our best to nourish, we may still need an extra energy boost. Unfortunately, many of us still look to the increasingly available “quick & dirty” solutions when our vitality sags under the weight of fatigue.

The key is to not be fooled by many of the energy drinks on the market by reading the  ingredient list to determine what is going to give you energy. Sugar and synthetic caffeine? Say “no” - both will only give a temporary boost followed by a crash. Instead, look for balanced energy formulas containing natural sources of caffeine like gotu kola and kola nut. Research shows how they act as tonics to the nervous system, as they offer a non-stimulating burst of mental and physical energy without the downsides of other caffeine sources. Also, Taurine, B6, glycine and tyrosine extend an energy boost, and herbs like rhodiola and astragalus aid recovery. Clean energy sources, especially when taken along with alkalizing and antioxidant-rich nourishment – can help you keep up with the life that you want to be living.  

Never underestimate the power of your potential energy - and choose clean fuel! The key to long-lasting energy is to invest in your lifestyle habits, everyday! But getting a little help isn’t a bad thing, when you rely on natural, nourishing, safe and clean supplementation for a boost.