Are conventional cosmetic products really that harmful?

Monday December 21, 2015

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Our skin is our largest organ! Just as we try to make healthy decisions about what we put in our bodies by eating well and choosing organic foods, it’s important to make healthy decisions about what goes on our bodies, and is absorbed directly through our skin! Conventional cosmetics often contain industrial chemicals and other harmful carcinogenic ingredients, which are used as fragrances, emulsifiers, or preservatives.

The key to understanding the potential health concerns around conventional beauty products is to understand the effects of cumulative damage. Conventional products contain chemicals which are not harmful in small amounts, but can put a strain on the body’s elimination systems when applied to the skin every day, year after year. Additionally, modern lifestyles mean we are exposed to harmful chemicals in our environment, over which we have no control.

By combining modern scientific methods with botanical ingredients, high performance natural skin care and cosmetics are able to produce great results from your skin without using potentially harmful chemicals. Additionally, because natural products are not laden with chemical and synthetic ingredients, many people are able to address more stubborn concerns, such rosacea, acne, and aging- which are so often caused by environmental toxins and stress.

As you work to make healthy and ethical choices with the foods you eat, advances in science mean that choosing natural skin care and cosmetics is no longer a sacrifice, and can even lead to an overall improvement in the health of your skin.

When shopping for cosmetics, including lotions & creams, steer clear of these 12 ingriedents:
1.BHA and BHT
2.Coal tar dyes:p-phenylenediamineand colourslisted as "CI" followed by five digits. P-phenylenediamine
3.DEA-related ingredients
5.Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives
6.methylparaben, butylparabenand propylparaben
8.PEGs (e.g., PEG -60)
11.Sodium laurethsulfate

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By: Annemarie Borlind