A Gluten-Free Summer

Friday May 27, 2016

Stampede party

The season of summer brings warm weather and with it fun activities with friends and family, travelling, camping and a busy lifestyle.

With a gluten free diet it can be a little hard to keep up with friends and family while still maintaining your diet or avoiding a gluten reaction.

One of the things you can do to make it easier on your diet is to offer to host many of these outings yourself. It gives you full control over the food being served so you know for a fact that the food at the barbeque everyone is getting together for is gluten free.

Additionally, often when people go camping they each offer to bring a necessity for the trip. Someone will bring a tent, someone else will bring chairs and another person will bring food etc.… Offer to bring the food! That way, whatever people cook, you can eat! And you know it’s definitely safe.

Obviously you can’t host everything though. Save your host the trouble and yourself the stress and simply bring your own food to grill. Bring aluminum foil to avoid cross contamination on the grill.

Also talk to your host ahead of time so that they are aware of your dietary needs. If need be, educate them on cross contamination and the severity of your allergy or needs.

Communicate with the people you might be travelling with, they can support you and help you steer clear of foods with gluten. When your group is deciding on a restaurant to eat, they’ll be able to keep in mind that the restaurant must have a gluten free menu.

If you’re booking a hotel look it up on a map and look up the restaurants closest to it that you think you may want to visit. Make sure these restaurants offer gluten free options ahead of time. It will save you and your travelling companions the trouble of finding somewhere to eat on the spot.

Don’t let yourself go hungry. Always eat before you go anywhere. Make sure you eat a good breakfast at the start of every day.

Bring snacks everywhere you go. You never know when something may come up and gluten free food isn’t an option at the occasion or event you’re attending. Vega bars are an excellent choice, throw them in your car, pocket or purse for an on the go snack if dinner keeps getting pushed farther and farther back. (It’s hard to enjoy summer when you’re hangry all the time!)

The key to a great, gluten free summer is snacks and communication. Pack nutritious choices for yourself and gently remind friends and family of your dietary needs.