8 Great Recipes Using Frozen Fruit or Vegetables

Monday March 07, 2016

Frozen berries

When fruits and vegetables are in-season, it's best to buy them fresh and ripe. Buying frozen fruit and veggies can be a great way to enjoy your favourite produce out of season. Frozen fruit is typically frozen shortly after they have been harvested, which allows them to fully ripen, which means they are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

Here are 8 delicious recipes to try!

Irish Banana Split Green Smoothie (DF, GF, NF, Pal, Raw, V, Veg)

Greens Extra Energy Strawberry Smoothie (DF, V, Veg)

Berry Crunch Smoothie Bowl (DF, V, Veg)

Quinoa Winter Squash Risotto (GF, DF, NF, V, Veg)

Fresh Cilantro & Corn Muffins (DF, NF, V, Veg)

Summer Pea Gazpacho (V, Veg, DF, GF, NF, Pal)

Anti-Inflammatory Spiced Blueberry Smoothie (DF, GF, V, Veg, Pal)

Lemony Pea Peaso (Veg, Pal)