5 Ways to Get the Most Out of BC Peach Season

Monday July 11, 2016

Peaches istock

5 Ways to Get the Most Out Of BC Peach Season


Ripen peaches on the counter. Once ripe, refrigerate but use within the week.


Need to ripen quickly? Place peaches in a brown paper bag on the counter and check regularly.


Cash in on case lot savings and can or freeze peaches for later.


Dry for later. If you have a dehydrator, follow device instructions. If using your oven set to 200°F, lay out fruit in thin slices on cookie sheet and place in heated oven for about 3 hours until dehydrated yet still soft, turning every 30 minutes or so. Refrigerate.


Quick and easy dessert peaches: Halve and pit peaches, brush with maple syrup and place face down on buttered grill on low temperature for a few minutes. Or lightly poach halved and pitted peaches in water. Serve over ice cream.