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Yes, Women Have Testosterone Too! And What That Means for Their Hormones

If you've never had hormones issues then you are one of the lucky ones. But if you have, then you're one of many and you know they are pretty complex. The most talked about hormones that men and women produce are estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. That's right ladies, testosterone isn't just for the guys.

Energy Balance; the Basis for a Happy and Healthy Life

Having great energy balance can be the difference between having a happy, functional life and a life that seems to be running on square wheels. It is one of the most common reasons people come to see us at CNF.

What Are Konjac Noodles?

So what makes konjac noodles the latest craze? The glucomannan can’t get hydrolyzed by the digestive enzymes, which creates a feeling of fullness due to its very slow passage through the digestive tract. This further assists in lowering cholesterol and balancing blood sugar and assists with weight loss (because you’re not over eating). Because of their high soluble fibre content, it creates a gel like substance in our intestines and not only helps pick things up along the way through the digestive tract, but also acts as a binding agent for your stool. Konjac is also very alkalizing, which helps the body to maintain an acid-alkalize balance.

How to Have Boundless Energy

Sami Graci is a renowned lecturer, consultant, researcher, wellness expert, leading authority on superfoods, and formulator in the field of optimal health and nutrition.

Healthy Convenience

Simple Swaps That Make Convenient Foods Also Healthy Foods

Tips for Healthy Joints Today and Beyond

There are 360 joints in the human body that all function with ease until we get an injury, develop a condition such as arthritis or get an infection. Then boy do we realize how important it is to take care of our joints. This may have not crossed your mind yet but a prevention plan can save you lots of trouble in the future. Consider these tips below for joint care that will keep you humming along and enjoying life.

Why Colloidal Silver Should Be In Your Medicine Cabinet

Colloidal silver has multiple uses from getting rid of colds to assisting with ear infections.

Why You Should do a Cleanse in the Spring

Many people use January as their cleanse month to rid their body of all the build up they created from the holiday season. It’s often suggested to do a cleanse two a year, so if we are doing a New Year cleanse, when is the next best time? The answer is Spring, and here is why.

Immune Boosting Soups

It can’t be a coincidence that we start to crave warm soups and stews as the weather gets chilly. Your grandma and now scientists validate soup does the immune system good. This winter look for soups that contain lots of onions, garlic, greens, chicken or legumes, ginger, turmeric and mushrooms. These foods contain the zinc, vitamin D, digestive aids and vitamin C to help your body fight infection.

What does 10 servings of fruit and veg look like?

The best tip when trying to get in 10 servings of fruits & vegetables: eat the rainbow (we aren’t talking about Skittles)! Try to have at least 3 colours on your plate for each meal of the day and you’ll easily eat 10 servings, plus it looks beautiful!

Why Take a B-Complex Vitamin

The vitamin B family is a group of eight vitamins that have many roles in the body including energy production, mood regulation, nerve function support and managing stress.

The Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

People can live for a few months without food, but only 10 days without water. Next to the air we breathe, water is the most important element in our body. It makes up 50% - 65% of our bodies depending on our sex, age and health. So it stands to reason that you would want to be drinking the best and most high quality water that you can. Filtered water is a great choice.