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Camping Tips for the Vegan/Vegetarian

It’s officially summer and we are gearing up for camping season! Whether you’re looking at cutting back your meat consumption, or a vegan lifer, sometimes preparing for a camping trip can seem a bit daunting for the vegan in the group. We’ve put together a list of essentials to bring, some tips and some delicious recipes that will make your meat-eater friends wish they could have your food!

Simple Ways to Reuse Your Scraps

Food waste has been a popular topic over the last year or so – and rightfully so. 47% of all food waste comes from residential kitchens, so we've provided a few simple tricks to reducing food waste, and will help you save a few bucks along the way.

Earth Day Every Day

At Community Natural Foods, in collaboration with our customers, we celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Water Conservation and What you Can Do!

Sustainability is as much about changing attitudes as it is about protecting our world’s future. Water conservation is just one part of a larger stewardship of our environment, and Green Calgary has been endeavouring to help Calgarians do their own part in saving water for the past 20 years.

12 Foods Your Liver Will Love

Your liver is one of the most important organs of the body including a vital role in digestion. Here are a list of 12 foods your liver will love. Eat them often and in the most natural state possible.

Hop Compost

Allowing each generation of local foods to sustain the next generation, without any waste

20 Tips for Living More Sustainably on Earth Day and Every Day

At Community Natural Foods we believe every day is Earth Day. We are trailblazers in our industry and do our very best to lead by example when it comes to sustainability.

Top 10 Foods for Workout Recovery and Why You Need Them

Use these foods to maximize your effort at the gym.

Feed Your Gut

It's Time To Take A Complete Approach to Gut Health

Seed Your Gut

It’s Time to Take a Complete Approach to Gut Health

Prime Your Gut

It’s Time to Take a Complete Approach to Gut Health

Love Your Gut

It’s Time to Take a Complete Approach to Gut Health