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12 Foods Your Liver Will Love

Your liver is one of the most important organs of the body including a vital role in digestion. Here are a list of 12 foods your liver will love. Eat them often and in the most natural state possible.

Trusted Experts in Every Aisle - Meet Blaise

Blaise has been working at Community Natural Foods since 2004 and through his experience has gained extensive knowledge of the products offered on the shelves of Community Natural Foods.

Top 10 Foods for Workout Recovery and Why You Need Them

Use these foods to maximize your effort at the gym.

Community Natural Foods and Green Beaver; Partners in Health

Community Natural Foods is a pioneer in bringing quality natural and organic products to Canadians. The foundation for their 40 years of success rests on the long term relationships the company has built with its shoppers, community, staff and vendors.

‘Eating for Your Cycle’ To Support Women’s Health and Hormone Balance

Madeline MacKinnon has put together four toast topping ideas to showcase how ‘Eating For Your Cycle’ works in optimizing your fertility and balancing your menstrual cycle. You can enjoy toast topped with avocado and smoked salmon to support natural ovulation or beet hummus and seaweed to help prevent PMS and support your progesterone levels.

CNF's Dedication to Change and Our Customers in 2017

Community Natural Foods is a company that has seen a lot of change. Our 40 year history in the health food industry has been remarkable.

A Dozen Scary Facts about Chemical Sunscreens

provided by Goddess Garden Sunscreen

20 Tips for Living More Sustainably on Earth Day and Every Day

At Community Natural Foods we believe every day is Earth Day. We are trailblazers in our industry and do our very best to lead by example when it comes to sustainability.

Earth Day Every Day

At Community Natural Foods, in collaboration with our customers, we celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Hop Compost

Allowing each generation of local foods to sustain the next generation, without any waste

Meet the Vendors: 5 Grain Eggs

5 Grain Eggs is owned and operated by Rick and Joel Mans, out of Nobleford, Alberta (about 2 hrs south of Calgary).

Twelve Tips, Techniques and Ideas to Help You Sneak Nutrition Into Your Diet.

Learn more about how to blend it, top it, puree it, stir it in, substitute it, bake it, dip it, serve it and more...