Alberta Naturals Organic Essential Oils

Community Natural Foods is excited to launch another great product from our manufacturing division Alberta Natural Products, under the brand name Alberta Naturals. The product line now includes: natural soap, a greens product, re-packed bulk herbs, re-packed premium bulk foods, bath salts and essential oils.

Essential oils have a broad range of uses including body care, home care and wellness.

The  entire product line is certified organic and affordably priced. The line is also certified:

ISO 9001: Internationally recognized quality mgmt. system

WHO GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices

HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Preventative Approach to Food Safety


There are 15 scents: 

Lavender                                             Cinnamon Leaf

Eucalyptus                                          Spearmint

Peppermint                                          Patchouli

Frankincense                                       Ylang Ylang

Lemon                                                 Clove Leaf

Rosemary                                            Cedar Wool

Lemongrass                                         Sweet Orange

Tea Tree


Alberta Naturals Organic Cinnamon Essential Oil...

From $19.99

A sweet spicy, warm, musky woody aroma.

Alberta Naturals Organic Clove Leaf Essential O...

From $14.99

Best known for its use as both a breath freshener and toothache reliever.

Alberta Naturals Organic Eucalyptus Essential O...

From $14.99

An earthy, fresh aroma.

Alberta Naturals Organic Frankincense Essential...

From $39.99

A sweet, balsamic aroma.

Alberta Naturals Organic Lavender Essential Oil...

From $29.99

The most versatile of all essential oils.

Alberta Naturals Organic Lemon Essential Oil 30 ml

From $19.99

Promotes focus and clarity.

Alberta Naturals Organic Lemongrass Essential O...

From $19.99

A light and fresh lemony smell with earthy undertones.

Alberta Naturals Organic Patchouli Essential Oi...

From $29.99

A musky, earthy, exotic aroma. 

Alberta Naturals Organic Peppermint Essential O...

From $23.99

Provides a cooling sensation and has a calming effect on the body.

Alberta Naturals Organic Rosemary Essential Oil...

From $19.99

Stimulating and revitalizing.

Alberta Naturals Organic Spearmint Essential Oi...

From $14.99

A minty, invigorating, slightly fruity scent.

Alberta Naturals Organic Sweet Orange Essential...

From $19.99

Refreshing and uplifting.