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    Picture of Fermented Cashew Cream-Cheese-Style Spread

    Spread'Em Kitchen Co.

    Fermented Cashew Cream-Cheese-Style Spread

    Spread 'Em Kitchen Co. wants to connect with people through delicious food and do as much good as possible. With their fermented cashew cream-cheese-style spreads, they hope to inspire healthier communities by providing real, nourishing and tasty food. Their spreads are dairy-free, gluten free and vegan-friendly, and they use only whole food ingredients.
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    Picture of Roasted Tofu Salad
    Picture of Bowls - Popeyes Bowl - 560 g
    Picture of Pesto - Basil - 227 g

    Sunflower Kitchen

    Pesto - Basil - 227 g

    Bring your food to life with Sunflower Kitchen's Basil Pesto. Fragrant fresh basil, garlic and sunflower seeds combine to create an unforgettable flavour. Enjoy this pesto on its own, or use it to add flavour to your pasta, sauce or salad dressing.
    Picture of Kombucha - Hibiscus & Rose Hips - 1 L


    Kombucha - Hibiscus & Rose Hips - 1 L

    Whether you're about to give a big presentation at work, or preparing to hit the town for a hot date, take a sip of Rise's Hibiscus & Rose Hips Kombucha before you get started. Rich in antioxidants, this kombucha helps calm your nerves so you can focus on what's important. This fermented tea gets its sweetness from a touch of organic cane sugar.
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