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    Picture of Excalibur 9 Tray - 1 each


    Excalibur 9 Tray - 1 each

    Make delicious dehydrated food with the Excalibur 9 Tray. The plastic trays contain BPA-free mesh screens. The thermostat is adjustable, so you can easily change the temperature to dehydrate different fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat and fruit puree.
    Picture of A2500 - Black - 1 each


    A2500 - Black - 1 each

    Take your life to the next level with Vitamix's A2500. This blender has individual program settings for smoothies, hot soups and frozen desserts. The built-in wireless connectivity ensures that your blender will evolve with the latest innovations. It is capable of self-detecting container size to remove the guesswork out of blending.
    $699.95 $499.99
    Picture of Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit - 1 kit


    Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit - 1 kit

    If you’ve been dreaming about fermenting your own vegetables, get the dream team on your side, courtesy of Masontops’ Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit. The three tools enclosed in this kit make fermenting your own vegetables quick and easy while eliminating the risk of mold.
    Picture of Paraflexx Ultra Silicone Non Stick Drying Sheets - 14x14 - 1 each


    Paraflexx Ultra Silicone Non Stick Drying Sheets - 14x14 - 1 each

    Make sure your delicious dehydrated food doesn't stick to the mesh screen by using this non-stick drying sheet from Excalibur. This BPA-free sheet is great when you want to make snacks out of pureed fruit or yogurt.
    Picture of Pickle Pebbles - 4 count


    Pickle Pebbles - 4 count

    Take the guess work out of your lacto-ferments and ensure your veggies stay below the surface of the brine by using Masontops’ Pickle Pebbles. Designed specifically for fermenting veggies and fruits, this Pickle Pebbles eliminate exposure to oxygen, which dramatically reduces the chance of spoilage and mold.
    Picture of Pickle Pipe - 4 count


    Pickle Pipe - 4 count

    If you’re tired of burping your jars every day or monitoring the water levels of a clumsy 3-piece airlock, check out Masontops’ Pickle Pipe. This one-piece, self-sealing, silicone and waterless airlock allows carbon dioxide to escape while preventing oxygen from entering. Best of all, it’s maintenance-free.
    Picture of Kombucha Brewing Jar - 5 L - 1 each

    Mortier Pilon

    Kombucha Brewing Jar - 5 L - 1 each

    Brew your own kombucha using Mortier Pilon’s Kombucha Brewing Jar. Complete with its own filter and tap valve, this brewing jar also has a rewritable label that makes it easy to identify each batch. An included booklet provides delicious recipes to get you started. The interior of this jar is 100% glass, and the exterior is made with BPA-free plastic.
    $69.99 $55.99
    Picture of Tough Tops - 4 count


    Tough Tops - 4 count

    Turn your Mason jar into an air-tight storage container by using Masontops’ Tough Tops. While other plastic storage lids bend and buckle, Tough Tops thrive. Look on the underside of each lid and you’ll find a custom gasket channel which holds the BPA-free gasket in place at all times. And when it’s time to clean? Just throw them in the dishwasher.
    Picture of Fermentation Crock - 5 L - 1 each

    Mortier Pilon

    Fermentation Crock - 5 L - 1 each

    Easily create your own healthy, probiotic-rich fermented foods at home with Mortier Pilon’s Fermentation Crock. Whether you’re making dill pickles, kimchi or sauerkraut, this stylish fermentation kit will help you rediscover the lost art of fermentation. It includes delicious and healthy recipes.
    $69.99 $55.99
    Picture of Kombucha Easy Brew Kit - 1 each

    Karma Cultures

    Kombucha Easy Brew Kit - 1 each

    Get everything you need to start brewing your own kombucha, courtesy of Karma Cultures’ Kombucha Easy Brew Kit. This kit includes organic kombucha SCOBY culture, organic tea and sugar, a brewing jar, every accessory you’ll need. The detailed instructions will show you how this all-inclusive kit can pay for itself in only 2 batches. It’s a great, sustainable alternative to buying pre-bottled kombucha.
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