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    Picture of Chocolate Bar - Lunatic - 85 g


    Chocolate Bar - Lunatic - 85 g

    Feel like you're going crazy? Then soothe yourself with Zazubean's Lunatic Chocolate Bar. Made with rich dark chocolate, roasted cocoa nibs infused with Maca root and peppermint oil, this vegan chocolate bar is the perfect way to relax after a stressful day.
    Picture of Chocolate Bar - Burnt Caramel - 80 g

    Alter Eco

    Chocolate Bar - Burnt Caramel - 80 g

    With cacao sourced from Ecuador, Alter Eco’s Burnt Caramel Chocolate Bar features only Fair Trade certified ingredients. Raw cane sugar, organic cream and pastured heirloom butter simmer to the brink of burnt and give this chocolate bar a delicious caramel crunch.
    Picture of Chocolate Bar - Dark Chocolate with Raspberries - 85 g

    Endangered Species

    Chocolate Bar - Dark Chocolate with Raspberries - 85 g

    Tart red raspberries and rich dark chocolate come together in Endangered Species's Dark Chocolate with Raspberries chocolate bar. With every purchase of an Endangered Species chocolate bar, you're promoting Fair Trade practices and helping out endangered animals.
    Picture of Chocolate Bar - Xdark 89% - 62 g

    Giddy Yoyo

    Chocolate Bar - Xdark 89% - 62 g

    If you're looking for a classic taste that's a little less sweet, you'll love Giddy Yoyo's Xdark 89% chocolate bar. This certified organic treat contains pure dark chocolate with only a hint of cane sugar for sweetness. Taste the difference good organic ingredients make.
    Picture of Brocco Chocco - 80 g


    Brocco Chocco - 80 g

    Created under the guidance of Master Chocolatier Bernard Callebaut, Newco’s Brocco Chocco is a delicious organic dark chocolate bar. Broccoli sprouts are hidden within this delectable treat, providing a nutritious boost for anyone lucky enough to use this to satisfy their chocolate craving.
    Picture of Licorice - Natural - 170 g


    Licorice - Natural - 170 g

    It’s licorice in its natural state, courtesy of Panda’s All Natural Licorice. This licorice is renowned for its unique flavour and soft, chewy texture. It’s made with all natural ingredients and has no preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or white sugar.
    Picture of Chocolate Bar - Kiki - 85 g


    Chocolate Bar - Kiki - 85 g

    Fig, sea salt and coconut sugar come together in Zazubean's Kiki Chocolate Bar. This sweet treat features only Fair Trade chocolate, and it tastes so good that you won't want to share it with anyone else in the office.
    Picture of Chocolate Bar - Dark Chocolate with Pistachios - 60 g

    Master Chocolat

    Chocolate Bar - Dark Chocolate with Pistachios - 60 g

    Bite into Master Chocolat's Dark Chocolate with Pistachios Chocolate Bar, and you'll enjoy a rich chocolate flavour that's unlike any you've experienced before. Our favourite part of this chocolate bar is the satisfying crunch the pistachios provide.
    Picture of Wine Gums - 170 g


    Wine Gums - 170 g

    Craving something sweet yet sensible? Then try Huer's Wine Gums. These sensible sweets have a soft and chewy texture and are made with natural colours and flavours. Best of all, they are certified organic.
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