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    Yogurt & Kefir

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    Picture of Organic Kéfir - Plain - 1 L


    Organic Kéfir - Plain - 1 L

    When you choose Liberté's Organic Kéfir, you're choosing nature. This complex fermented milk product contains bacteria and yeast. It has a thick texture and a creamy taste. Drink it by the glass or pour it on your favourite cereal.
    Picture of Cultured Almond & Cashew


    Cultured Almond & Cashew

    Erik and Francis Lo arrived in Canada in the eighties. Erik studied food science and dairy technology while Francis studied agribusiness. While studying, they began experimenting with ideas for a gourmet dairy-free spread made with locally grown soybeans. Their experimentation paid off, and today, the pair work together to deliver dairy-free, gluten free, casein-free, vegan-friendly fermented foods for everyone to enjoy.
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    Picture of Organic Yogourt - Black Currant - 4 x 120 g


    Organic Yogourt - Black Currant - 4 x 120 g

    If you prefer yogurt with real fruit at the bottom, try Riviera Organic's Yogourt. Made from natural, certified organic ingredients, this rich and creamy probiotic yogurt comes in reusable glass jars. It makes a great snack.
    Picture of Greek Sheep Yogurt - 400 g

    Pastures Dairy

    Greek Sheep Yogurt - 400 g

    For your next breakfast, try adding some sliced fruit or granola to a bowl of Pastures Dairy's Greek Sheep Yogurt. This yogurt has a naturally thick, creamy texture and a clean, refreshing taste that is a great way to start your day.
    Picture of Organic Yogurt - Vanilla 0% - 750 g


    Organic Yogurt - Vanilla 0% - 750 g

    When you choose Liberté's Organic Yogurt, you're choosing a natural, pure yogurt made with fruit and local organic milk. Enjoy it for breakfast or as a healthy afternoon snack. It's certified free of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers.
    Picture of Sheep Milk Yogurt
    Picture of Grass-Fed Yogurt
    Picture of Organic Yogurt


    Organic Yogurt

    Liberté started as a manufacturer of cream and cottage cheese near downtown Montreal. As more people discovered their delicious dairy products, the company grew and relocated to Brossard in 1964. Despite the staggering growth, Liberté always remained true to their core values. Their products maintained a traditional and artisanal character. Even today, passionate artisans are at the heart of Liberté.
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