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    Picture of Méditerranée



    Liberté started as a manufacturer of cream and cottage cheese near downtown Montreal. As more people discovered their delicious dairy products, the company grew and relocated to Brossard in 1964. Despite the staggering growth, Liberté always remained true to their core values. Their products maintained a traditional and artisanal character. Even today, passionate artisans are at the heart of Liberté.
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    Picture of Probiotic Yogurt - Blueberry - 650 g
    Picture of Rennet Tablets - 10 tablets


    Rennet Tablets - 10 tablets

    If you want to make your own cheese, you should try using +QSO's Rennet Tablets. These tablets turn liquid milk into the curd form required for cheesemaking. They contain no animal products, and they're gluten free.
    Picture of Cultured Almondmilk


    Cultured Almondmilk

    Satisfy your craving for creamy dairy with Amande's vegan-friendly line of products. They make all of their non-dairy products with almonds and sweeten them with natural fruit juice flavouring from sun-ripened fruits. This is the non-dairy alternative you've been dreaming about.
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    Picture of Probiotic Yogurt - Strawberry - 650 g
    Picture of Yogurt - Plain - 175 g

    Bles Wold

    Yogurt - Plain - 175 g

    If you want to get some extra calcium in during breakfast, try Bles World's Yogurt. Slice up your favourite fruit or add a spoonful of homemade granola to this premium yogurt to create a healthy breakfast that anyone can enjoy.
    Picture of Organic Water Kefir Grains - 1 each

    Rocky Mountain Kefir

    Organic Water Kefir Grains - 1 each

    Rocky Mountain Kefir designed their Organic Water Kefir Grains specifically to make home kefir making as simple as possible. When you’re ready to make your own kefir, just rehydrate your kefir grains and place them in a solution of sugar and filtered water.
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