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    Picture of Loaf
    Picture of Organic Fillo Dough - 454 g

    The Fillo Factory

    Organic Fillo Dough - 454 g

    If you're looking for a vegan-friendly way to create a variety of healthy and nutritious appetizers, check out The Fillo Factory's Organic Fillo Dough. These all-purpose pastry dough sheets contain very little fat, no cholesterol and no preservatives.
    Picture of Pie Shell - 1 count

    Lakeview Bakery

    Pie Shell - 1 count

    Bake your next pie using one of Lakeview Bakery's Pie Shells. These delicious pie shells are perfect for your next blueberry, apple or strawberry pie. They are freshly made, and taste so good you'll swear they're better than the ones grandma makes.
    Picture of Veggie Wraps - Spicy - 3 x 30 g


    Veggie Wraps - Spicy - 3 x 30 g

    Give your meals an extra kick by using Wrawp’s Spicy Veggie Wraps. These gluten free and vegan-friendly wraps are made with jalapenos and cayenne, which are not only delicious, but also a source of Vitamin C and Vitamin A.
    Picture of Organic Veggie Wraps - Energizing Morning - 10 x 103 g


    Organic Veggie Wraps - Energizing Morning - 10 x 103 g

    Make every meal a party with Wrawp's Organic Veggie Wraps. These vegan-friendly and gluten free wraps rehydrate when you add moist ingredients such as hummus and sauce. They're packed with the nutrients you need to power through your day.
    Picture of Almond Cake - 52 g

    Ohh La La

    Almond Cake - 52 g

    Are you looking for an extraordinary dairy-free and gluten free treat? Then try Ohh La La's Almond Cake. Subtle cinnamon tones provide a dash of flavour to this scrumptious miniature cake. You'll have a tough time eating just one.
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    Picture of Raspberry Blondie - 120 g
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