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First Cold-Pressing

written by Maison Orphée

The first cold-pressed process is a simple one but it still requires certain know-how to obtain the best results. It is a process in which non-preheated oil seeds are pressed only once, with no additional heat and at the lowest temperature possible, in order to extract their oil. This type of pressing preserves the nutritional properties of the oil (vitamins, tocopherols, essential fatty acids, pigments, etc.) as well as their aromas.

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Coconut as an Alternative Oil

written by Alter Eco Foods

Coconut oil is nothing new, many people have been using it for skin care, hair care, and cooking for quite some time, but recently coconut oil has seen a renaissance of sorts, showing up in more and more stores and at the top of many conversations. But what is the big deal with coconut oil? As it turns out there is a great deal of goodness that goes along with this coconut byproduct.

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Get Natural Allergy Relief

From the Canadian Health Food Association

Runny nose. Itchy, watery eyes. Sneezing.

If you have allergies, the summer can be a difficult time of year and getting outside can be even harder. Being held captive by your own body’s immune system can make an afternoon on your backyard patio feel like you’re serving a sentence.

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