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Achieve Boundless Energy

Sam Graci is a renowned lecturer, consultant, researcher, wellness expert, leading authority on superfoods, and formulator in the field of optimal health and nutrition.

I like to think of ‘boundless energy’ as my calling card, and with everything I want to achieve in my life - I rely on it! My routine of a healthy diet, exercise, sleep and spirituality keeps my health balanced, so that energy comes naturally to me -  with a little effort.

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Why Take a Multivitamin

In today’s modern world with the abundance of available and inexpensive food it can be difficult to consider that nutritional deficiencies still abound and are often at the root of poor health.  Restoring and optimizing nutritional intake may be enough to reverse some mild health conditions, and is an essential step for creating a strong physical foundation for more targeted therapies and treatments in severe or chronic conditions.

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Juicing for Health

It is said that the daily consumption of nutrient dense juice can be a contributing factor in the recovery from illness and disease.  It is also a very effective practice for maintaining health and vitality. Unfortunately, most individuals do not have the time to prepare fresh-pressed juice on a daily basis, so the solution lies in purchasing premade juices from the local grocer.

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 Welcome to Community Natural Foods!

At Community Natural Foods our passion is for FOOD, PEOPLE, and the EARTH we all share. Our commitment is to provide unrefined and organic foods, natural nutritional supplements and sustainable lifestyle products dedicated to encouraging living a healthier, more natural life, conscious of our planet's well being. Community Natural Foods carries tens of thousands of healthy natural and organic products of which only a small percentage are currently listed on our website. Don't see what you're looking for? Give us a call at 403.930.6363 or 877.299.3970 

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